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artista plástica
Rosa Pereira
Arte contemporânea acontece pelo mundo com Rosa Pereira....



Sherlon Gerard​,
Art Broker /Art Representative,
Los angeles,CA
Dear Sherlon
It gives me great pleasure to present this artist to you for
possible representation; 
Rosa Pereira
I am highly recommending that you include Rosa in our group 
of artists as her CV shows great dedication to her art career
and her works are of a very high standard. I also feel that 
the style of art she has presented here forms a strong body
of work and is of a very high standard. 

In her work Rosa presents us with challenges to our perception,
its is filled with mystery, energy and vigour. This work evokes
emotional responses and causes us to question our own 
thoughts, who are we? What do we want? These are the things
that come to my mind when I view Rosa's most exquisite paintings.

The colour palette is bright, bold and luscious. Her work is seductive
and beautiful while also inviting us to explore more of her inner world.

 Cindy Wider
(Award winning fine artist and illustrator,
author of art education books, co-founder

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